A day in the life of a Registered Dental Hygienist is an exciting, exhausting and frankly filthy one. While it is exciting to see different patients every hour to chat with, all that chatting can be exhausting at times.

It goes without saying that a dental hygienist workday can be filthy working in the mouth. It is, however, part of the job description that we be OK with a little slobber 😉, right? We obviously keep all of our PPE’s (personal protective equipment) on to protect us from other people’s germs. But we occasionally get that overly active salivary gland that loves to squirt saliva all over us. Or that considerably loud talker during their medical history discussion that sprays us in the face with their enthusiasm.

We have a lot of exposure to flying saliva, invisible airborne particles and that occasional disinfectant spray that almost got in our eye! Ouch! By the end of the day, I don’t even want to know what is on my face…or in my hair!

I do, however, have a couple of tricks up my sleeve for those extra slobbery days at work. I totally believe every girl, and especially every hygienist should carry these little gems in their purse to have on-the-go work coverage. So here are some highlights of what is generally in my purse, along with some random bobby pins and crumbs from my kid’s snacks constantly being crunched!

My 5 Purse Favorites, Especially as a Registered Dental Hygienist

  1. The Primally Pure facial mist – This is my absolute fav! It not only gives me a simple cleanse when I spray my face, it instantly gives me a pick me up. Who doesn’t need that in the middle of their workday for any profession? It does come in handy for all that spray back from an air-water syringe. I love that these sprays come in three scents. Lavender, geranium, and neroli. I have all of them! Check them out here. I keep one in my purse, one in my gym bag, and I keep the lavender one by my bed as a relaxing way to whine down from my day. For this post on *Small business Saturday and Sunday Sale *, there is a great sale on the “Starter Kit Bundle“. Its a great way to get started with Primally Pure Products. Check it out here! Also, for this weekend only (11/29-, you can use the discount code WHOLESOMEHYGIENIST20 for 20% off your purchase.

2. To-Go Fat Packets- I keep some pack of ghee in my purse as a way to add energy into my day. Ghee is an amazing, dairy-free, saturated fat. When this healthy fat is added to your coffee to make a “bulletproof” coffee or even your gluten-free muffin, it gives your body fat for fuel. A fuel that can give you plenty of energy so you do not feel so empty come lunchtime. There are multiple brands out there. Some come in convenient travel pouches. I’ve used the brand Tinstar in the past, but they stopped carrying the ghee packets, though I still have a couple stashed away. They do still have these awesome MTC oil packets which are great also. And I currently love this brand – 4Th and Heart. While I love MTC oil, I have a deep love for gheeeeeeee 😊. They are both great options for adding more essential fatty acids to your diet.

3. Meat Sticks- And if you know me, you know I love me all the good quality fats. But truly I love meat as well. I have found that I simply cannot have a good, mentally clear day if I am relying solely on nuts and plants. So these Beef Sticks by Country Archer are great! They are 100% grass-fed beef. Grass-fed is so important when it comes to meat quality. The minerals grow into the grass from the soil, then the grass goes into the animals, and the animal provides much better meat! If I don’t have theses, I love epic bars. Epic Jerky Bars are my go-to for a hearty snack or meal replacement when paired well with other foods. My husband and I sometimes hide them from each other, so that we can take them to work in our lunch bags. They come in so many great flavors but the chicken siracha and the bison cranberry flavor have my loyalty.

4. Primally Pure Chapstick – This chapstick is a game-changer as a dental hygienist. Seriously though, here’s why. Our face is hidden behind a mask almost all day. Often times, that mask is rubbing our lips as we are educating our beloved patients on their oral hygiene habits. By the time I am done with that patient, my lips are chapped from rubbing on the inside of my mask. Am I the only one? And after I’ve walked my patient to the front desk to be checked out, realized I’m 5 minutes behind schedule, turn over and disinfect my room in a flash, I completely forgot to reapply chapstick to my own lips. So there I go, putting on another mask, for almost an hour of my lips rubbing the inside of the mask. Again. Well, with Primally Pure’s lip balm, I don’t have to fret. It is made with beef tallow. Tallow is a fancy word for beef fat. And while it may sound gross to rub beef fat on your lips (or other body parts) it is AHHHH-mazing. It is so hydrating for our skin and especially our lips. Seriously this stuff is great. Check it out here!

5. I love dental picks. Some hygienist love them, some do not. I am in the camp or if it helps our patients, I am ALLLLLL about it. I see floss picks as our twenty-first century floss on the go. We are people on the go, and we enjoy convenience. I have found that dental patients, which is essentially everyone, will not do things, especially flossing, if it is not convenient for them. These little babies are curved and make it even easier to reach for the back teeth. I always have these in my purse or in my car, and floss on the go. DenTek is my fav brand and shape since they have the curve making it easier to reach back teeth. I also like these ones and these ones, if you like just a simple pick, and sometimes Costco sales them in bulk.

There are some other trinkets in my purse like the salt and supplement case. The salt and salt products helps me by providing me electrolytes in my water and flavor to my food during my day. Check our Redmond Salt here. It’s an incredible company, made of true, minimally proceed salt. My supplement case often times contains animal granular tablets for optimal organ performance. We often only eat muscle meats from animals. However, the organs of a healthy animal contain truckloads of nutrition. Animal grandulars are powerhouse for specific human organs. Biotics Research is the supplement company  I trust the most and am the most educated on a variety of their products. Message me to find out more about animal glandular. They are a truly amazing superfood.

I hope this simple list will help someone find a more healthful day as they work. Whether it’s a spritz in the face as a pick me up or a beef bar, these are my go-to’s for a smooth workday. Try these products out for yourself and see how they uplift your day! Let me know what you think! Happy Hygiene-ing!

***As an Amazon Associate and an affiliate with some companies mentioned here, I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase products through my links provide. All opinions are my own.***