COVID-19 has the world concerned with our health more than ever. What should we do in response to this historical soul-shaking time? Support your health is the answer. How do you do that? By starting with the basics. But not many people are ready to completely change their diet or lifestyle. So where do you start?

The basics that I console all my clients to do are these simple tips:

  1. Drink warm lemon water (or warm water with diluted apple cider vinegar).
  2. Chew your food approximately 15 times.
  3. Get fresh air.
  4. Get your trace minerals and…
  5. Get quality sleep.

Now all of this may sound basic, but these seemingly “basic” suggestions can make a big difference in one’s health. Let’s dive into each a bit more.


Lemon water can have a positive impact on the digestive system. Digestion and diet are especially important for proper immune function. And although in this article I am not going over the details of importance of proper diet, the idea of proper digestion is critical for immune support. If the digestive system is not working well, then the body is not receiving all the nutrients required for proper function. Lemons are very acidic fruits. Contrary to popular belief, the acidity of a lemon does not cause heart burn in most cases. The acidity actually helps rid the body of toxins. The acidity fires up the digestive juices in the stomach and makes digestion more productive. Hydrochloric acid is the digestive juice responsible for triggering many digestive components. Warm lemon water can increase your hydrochloric acid levels. When digestion is more productive, the body is better at fighting off infections. An added bonus of these zesty citrus fruits for the immune function is they increase your vitamin C levels and helps reduce free radicals in your body.

Teeth Tip: If your body is low in hydrochloic acid, you may suffer from silent acid reflux, causing acidic like wear on the enamel, making your teeth sensitive. See this other blog post to learn more on the importance of hydrochloric acid, and teeth health.


Digestions is incredibly important for immune function. When people do not thoroughly chew their food, it places an enormous burden on the stomach to work harder to break down the food. We do not have teeth in our digestive tract. Therefore, it is incredibly important to do what we can to make the digestive process easier on the organ systems. When you chew your food, you cover your food in saliva which contains salivary amalyse, a powerful digestive enzyme. When this happens, digestion gets started in the mouth, this allows for an easier path down the digestive tract. Chewing your food liquifies the food and alleviates the digestive process further. On average, people chew their food 3-4 times before they swallow. Chewing at least 15 times will provide higher amounts of salivary digestive enzyme and softened food into the stomach.

Tip: Chewing your food until it is liquid will help take the digestive burden off the stomach. We do not have teeth in our stomach, so chew your food thoroughly.


Getting outside can improve give your immune system a general boost. The great outdoors boasts more oxygen and vitamin D, both of which place a major role in immune function. Think about this: oxygen is so important for every cell in your body, and that’s why you can only live a few minutes without it. WOW! Oxygen is indeed cruital for life. So why not get more of it! Getting outside increases your chances of being in the sun as well, which can have positive effects. Sunlight raises your serotonin levels, and can help calm your mood. This article in Forbes says that going outside, especially for women and children, can help ease anixety, help them cope with trauma and raise their self esteem. No wonder its called the “great outdoors”.

Tip: Check your local area and see when farmers markets are open. Walking in the fresh air, seeing brightly colored produce and flowers can open your mind to new healthier foods and flavors.


Trace minerals are inorganic nutrients (nutrients your body can not create on its own) that the body needs to function properly. These trace minerals help in critical biological functions such as hormone creation, enzymatic processes, and the all-important digestion. All these processes add to help immunity. Boosting biological functions in the body (with trace minerals) assists in all types of defenses against infections. Thus supports the body’s health, and helps avoid illness (a virus outbreak). When there are even minor mineral deficiencies, the body’s homeosis is compromised. Thus, compromising much more than just immunity. Digestion can become a burden when the body does not have all the proper enzymes to break down foods or does not have proper amounts of fatty acids components needs to form hormones. Mineral deficiencies can be a vicious cycle. Not enough minerals means not enough digestive enzymes, which means not enough digestion. Not enough digestion means fewer minerals processing. Fewer minerals means less potent digestive juices are being made and foods are not being broken down into proper minerals. The stomach and gut are getting weaker and weaker. See the vicious cycle at play here? So get on some trace minerals to see how it can help boost your energy, digestive system, and immune system.

Tip: Trace minerals can come in powder or dropper form, and are easy to mix into any liquid. I like these easy