What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is based on nutrient dense, whole food living.  The philosophy of whole food eating dates back to our earliest ancestors, whom did not have the convenient foods we have today. The research and scientific evidence of early holistic pioneers, such as Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis Pottenger showed that nutrient dense, whole foods served our health best, along with short-term use of targeted, high quality supplements. When supplements and foods are used therapeutically, true health can be restored, even at the cellular level. Nutritional therapy holds the belief that each person is biologically unique, and that the body possesses innate intelligence and defaults to health when given what it needs.


Is nutrition therapy based primarily on supplement use or can it be used with herbs and foods?

The primary focus of nutritional therapy is on properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods. However, it is important to note that the primary goal of supplements in the hands-on portion, called The Functional Clinical Assessment, is used to identify deficiencies and imbalances, not to choose supplements for clients. Once deficiencies and imbalances are identified, the client and I can then use a variety of tools such as; dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations, targeted supplementation to strengthen and balance the body’s foundations. I will discuss supplement options in appointments with each client on their individual needs if necessary.


How does nutrition therapy differ from other ways of getting healthier?

Nutritional therapy offers a holistic, whole food, nutrition-based approach to addressing health problems and promoting wellness. Unlike other health programs, nutritional therapy does not exclude any specific foods. Rather it focuses on how to properly prepare foods, therefore preserving the health benefits and allowing easier digetion for each individual. Getting to the root cause of each clients’ health battles is a main focus in nutritional therapy.


How does a nutritional therapy appointment evaluate my health?

Nutritional Therapy has many different forms of measurements that help identify nutritional weaknesses in the body:

  1. The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire; an online questionnaire,
  2. The Functional Clinical Assessment; the hands-on portion,
  3. Lingual-Neuro Testing; tasting and testing supplements.

These methods provide a powerful way to assess a client’s biochemical needs and make appropriate, personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations.


Who are these programs ideal for?

Success in nutritional therapy is a process, and it is all about attitude. Nutritional therapy is not an overnight fix. You will have success if you are a person who has a willingness to work hard at their health and commit to being a team with me in this health journey.


Still got more questions?

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