You guys! I have been dying to share this awesome opportunity I got! I was featured on Primally Pure’s website! What an honor to be highlighted allow with this great company! Here is the title and the intro to the article, read below and click here or the link at the end to read the full blog post on the Primally Pure Blog! YAY! 🙂

This Holistic Dental Hygienist Shares 6 Tips for Oral Health…

“We are what we eat” as the ol’ saying goes. But is that really true? Are we really what we eat?

No, we’re not.

Actually, we are what we absorb.

This may sound like a shock, but most people are not absorbing all of the minerals and vitamins they’re eating. If we’re not absorbing the vitamins from our foods, well then, that $16 organic kale salad topped with pastured chicken from Whole Foods was almost a complete waste.

As a dental hygienist of 10 years, I see patients daily that are showing signs they are not absorbing the minerals that they’re eating. How do I know this? When I look into their mouth, I see inflammation. Everywhere. And not just on their gums. The inflammation extends onto the inside of the cheeks, and the floor of the mouth. The mouth tissues all look red, irritated and just angry. Everywhere.

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