When you find something that is a mood lifter, it is worth sharing about. Blue Tansy oil, used in all my favorite Primally Pure products is definitely worth shouting from the rooftops. When I first opened the Blue Tansy body oil and used it on my arms, I instantly felt a positive shift in my mood and went on to have a great yoga practice with a clear mind. The product is so safe I’ve used them on my kids who are 2 years old and 4 years old currently. My 2-year-old son has a condition called Keratosis Pilaris. Keratosis Pilaris is a buildup of keratin on the surface of the skin, which causes the pores of the skin to clog up. It presents itself as tiny, dry bumps all over different parts of the body. My son’s legs are what is effected. Doctors are unsure of the cause of keratin pilaris. But I’ve been using this Blue Tansy oil on his skin, and it seriously decreased his bumps! Not completely, but substantially. His skin is much softer and I love the way he smells! Like a minty, tropical flower. So I’m thrilled.


Blue Tansy oil comes from the chamomile plant family and has been used for centuries for its many powerful medicinal effects. At the top of the list are anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and anti-bacterial effects. This oil is great for calming down skin issues like acne, dry skin, and psoriasis to name a few. The dark blue color of the oil makes it rich with anti-oxidants and great for stimulating digestion and even relieving gas.

When you read about the Blue Tansy products on the Primally Pure website, you may see mixed reviews on the smell of Blue Tansy oil. The first time I read about it, I was so intrigued because most customers raved about it, while a *very* few others said the smell was ‘too much’ for them. Thus I HAS.TO.TRY.IT for myself. If you are a curious bird, like me, then check it out here.

” …it smells like a minty, tropical flower -sweet and clean. “

And I am so glad I did because I love the smell and the effects of their whole Tansy Blue Bundle; a facial cream, a deodorant, and body oil. I figured, go big and order all the TB elements, which I could love it, or I could hate it. But, most of the time I am game to try anything. Like at restaurants, I love to order foods I have never tried, or order dishes with ingredients I would have never thought to use together. Personal note: I have only ordered poorly 1.5 times so far 😉.


I love that the products are created with true ingredients like grass-fed cow tallow (also known as beef lard), and emu oil. We as humans are mammals, and our mammal cells understand mammal products (fats and oils) much better than they do from plants (read this article to learn more about grass fed tallow benefits). Plant products are great too, I love me some coconut oil, flax oil, and shea butter, but they’ve got nothing on the capabilities of animal products. These fats in the Blue Tansy oil truly help calm skin irritation and the smell serves as a pick me up as well. In my opinion, it smells like a minty, tropical flower -sweet and clean. 

Primally Pure is bringing back nutrient-dense, whole food products in the skin industry! YAY! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I can deeply appreciate these nutrient-dense, whole-food ingredients. I encourage my dental patients and NTP clients to clean up their cabinet’s pantry and bathroom, in a way that is feasible for them, with where they are at. We do not benefit from extra fillers and additives that allow creams to “penetrate deeper”, especially in deodorant, and our face. Our facial tissues are so close to our brain, and some toxic products ingredients are able to cross the blood-brain barrier, a protective membrane surrounding our brains to keep the gross stuff out. However, with most commercial skin companies, this is not the case. With many commercial skin products, their ingredients are not food grade, which means our body probably does not know how to metabolize them properly. This can lead to unexpected problems that you may not tie back to your skin regimen.


Most large skin companies are not considered with the *whole* picture of their ideal client. They are focused on profits. Primally Pure is focused on their ideal clients WELL-BEING and overall health. They only include non-toxic ingredients, going the extra mile to make sure *YOU* are safe using their products.

Simple Beauty Swaps to make:

  1. Use clean facial skin moisturizers- Try these moisturizers
  2. Use a clean deodorant – Try the Blue Tansy deodorant OR The Charcoal Deodorant
  3. Use a simple toner for your face: Witch Hazel and a diluted Apple Cider Vinegar are super helpful
  4. Use a simple ingredient as body lotion: Coconut oil, or balms made with beef tallow are terrific

So there you have it! Why I love the Blue Tansy Primally Pure line so much! So next time you are around me, don’t be afraid to take a big whiff of me, because I am pretty much covered head to toe in Blue Tansy products 😊. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think! Use my code “WholesomeHygienist” to get 10% OFF😊!

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