The mouth holds quite a lot of secrets.

I’m here to teach you what you mouth is telling you. This site is for patients, dental professionals, and everyone in between. If you want to learn more about nutrition, your mouth, or to speak more effectively to your patients, then you landed in the right place!

I AM determined

to help the world get healthier, one mouth at a time!

I am a Registered Dental Hygienist who is passionate about holistic health and teaching anyone and everyone about the mouth-body connection. I help dental patients who struggle with chronic dental issues like bad breath and ongoing cavities, find the root cause of these significant health issues so they can live healthier lives and feel empowered.

I am also a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and bring a unique perspective to the mouth-body connection. It’s amazing how your mouth can tell you a lot about your health status!

My mission is to also educate other dental professionals on Nutritional Therapy so that they can then inform their patients on the mouth-body connection through Nutritional Therapy.

Unknowingly I’ve followed in the footsteps of Westin A. Price, a 19th century dentist, who is the *TRUE O-G* for making the mouth-body connection. Like Price, I’ve traveled to different parts of the world such as Haiti, Dominican Republic and Kenya to do volunteer dental work. In my travels I’ve seen how these diets differ from the American standard diet. These whole food diets help contribute to the overall health of the people in these countries, where there less obesity and health problems like diabetes.

With over 10 years of experience in the dental field I’ve learned a lot being chairside with my patients while also making some really great relationships.
I’ve learned which instruments I love and which ones work best for each individual patient. I’ve also learned a lot about body language and how to read a patient. I know if they would like more information about their mouth or if they just want to sit quietly with their eyes closed while have a relaxing time in the dental chair.

Because of my deep, deep (I’m talking DEEEEEPPP) passion to be a better Hygienist, I’ve started this site. I want us all to be healthier and happier! And I’ll keep trying to achieve that, one mouth at a time.

Analee Nichols, RDH, NTP

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