Passion can be contagious, and I have a passion for nutrition AND helping people! At Wholesome Hygienist I believe everything we need to stay healthy has been given to us by God and is on this earth. I believe that food is our medicine. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I use foods and effective supplements to make a positive change for your life.

ANALEE nichols, NTP:
I am

Personal:  I respect the bio-individuality of all my clients by treating your unique needs, supporting your concerns, and allowing you to be heard.

Honest: I am upfront and honest with my clients and teach you how to make changes in your health so you can live a long and satisfying life. 

Comforting: At my practice I speak to you in a language you can understand, giving you nutritional advice that is attainable and not overwhelming. 

Enlightening: I provide nutritional counseling that opens awareness, encourages exploration, and empowers you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Wholesome: My modalities of treatment are natural and organic so that you can safely and continually make healthier choices in your life.

is Nutritional Therapy Is For You?

Are you struggling with bad breath, gum inflammation, or cavities? Dental issues could be first signs of deeper health problems. These dental and general health issues could benefit from dietary lifestyle changes made with nutritional therapy. 


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